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Welcome to Goedkoopbellen.nl
No pre-payments - No account to open - No Extra Bills - No Credit Cards If you want to save serious money on your phone bill, it's time to start using Goedkoopbellen.nl for all your international calls and calls to The Netherlands mobiles. By using our access numbers you will benefit from low-cost phone calls, without having to register or prepay. .

DestinationRateAccess Number 

Amerikaans Samoa (Mob)


 0900 123 00 86

Algerije (Mob)


 0900 123 00 93

Afghanistan (Fix)


 0900 123 00 86

Andorra (Fix)


 0900 123 00 77

Afghanistan (Mob)


 0900 123 00 88

Albanie (Mob)


 0900 123 00 89

Albanie (Fix)


 0900 123 00 84

Algerije (Fix)


 0900 123 00 76

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I am amazed at the savings. We have been using the Telco scheme and also BT scheme for after hours calling, but nothing comes close to this. Our charges have tumbled and the savings are very welcome. I am in the process of telling everyone to use you.

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